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Popped the 2Thumb on my putter - easy. Went for a game with a friend at NorthHants - drained a birdie on the first, birdie on the third and an eagle on the sixth - easy. Hopefully the less inhibited stroke will continue! Thank you.
Thanks for the prompt delivery of the 2 Thump putter grip. Let me just state right away that I have not had any piece of golf equipment in my hands that have felt so intuitively right from the start. This is not just another gimmick. Went straight to the course and after 15 minutes of practice on the putting green I could not wait to get on the first green on first hole. And to the awe of my golf buddies who were expecting a nervous 3 putt on the first green I just holed a 30-feet straight out. That puts a smile on your face and the putting was so much more stable for the rest of the round.

I was looking forward to put on every hole. I instantly felt a great improvement in alignment and boost in confidence. I have been struggling with confidence and length control and as such the putter face has been all over the place. But it is true that twisting of the putter face is reduced, and the pendulum stroke feels so natural now. So both direction and length control was so much better right away. I am definitely a convert. With a bit more practice and the implementation of some of the great tips from the excellent instruction video that came along there is no doubt that I am going to be a killer on the green in near future. Because also all of a sudden, I feel motivated to out there and practice putting with purpose. Putting feels fun again ! Although I would like to keep the secret for myself for the sake of competitive advantage, I do hope that the rest of the golf world would open their eyes to this. This is as natural as putting gets.

Best wishes for the future with the 2 Thump putting grip.
FM - Denmark
Playing from hcp. 7 I am so dependent on well-functioning short game..And not having enough time to practice means that I need to putt well when I am not getting the shots close to the pin.. And here’s the short cut to that.. Feel free to use my testimonial.. I just came to think of line, that you might like to add to my testimonial at the end. “Putting is so much a mental game, here is the thing that improves your mental game”..Because that what was I also was feeling after a few strokes with the new grip (apart from all the technical stuff ).. And just one final thing..As a scientist I must applause..This is what we always are looking for..The simple solution to complex problems..The principles of parsimony.. But science is not worth if it cannot be applied, but here is one where you indeed have succeeded. Congratulations with that..
Flemming - 
Praise for your Product

I am writing to give you a little testimonial for your 2-Thumb putter grip. I always had this silky smooth, totally trustable putting stroke for 45 years when I was a 1 handicap. That was until about 12 years ago at which time I developed “the yips”. It got worse and worse asd I tried every possible grip/putter I could find. I tried belly putters, chin putters, left hand low, left hand putting, thumb-to-thumb grips with a regular putter, blade putters, mallet putters .. do I need to go on. I would routinely hit 12 – 14 greens a round and have about 34 to 36 putts. I have 3 putted from as little as 10 feet and would often have at least one four putt greens per round. I lost my joy of playing golf.

My wife and I purchased the 2Thumb grips about 3 weeks ago, and it has been nothing but phenomenal. My putting average is now about 30 putts a round, and I have had very few three putts. I have two-putted four times from well over 80 feet, and have made a ton of 3 to 8 footers that used t obe a nightware. I now TRUST my putting again, and am really enjoying the great game for the first time in many years.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Your grip has made golf fun again.
SG - 
Two Ball & 2 Thumb - the perfect partners

At first many doubted my sanity putting the large double sized grip on my Odyssey 2 ball putter, as I have been a decent club handicap putter averaging 32/33 putts per round. My problem was I could be streaky. This was due to my habit of breaking my wrists through the putting stroke. The 2Thumb has sorted this. Over the past 6 months I have a far more solid stroke and am now holing consistently from 8-15 ft and pretty deadly from inside 6ft. I would recommend this grip to anyone as without doubt it makes the right hand far more passive in the stroke and encourages the pendulum motion I never before could master. Thanks 2Thumb!!!
S Morgan - Scotland
Handicap 8
Well, it has been about 8 months now since I started using the two thumbs putter, and I thought I would give you a little update. I have finally recovered my putting stroke after 10 YEARS of having the Yipps. I had gone from a very low single digit handicap up to a low double digit handicap, hitting just as many greens, but having between 34 and 40 putts a round. I had lost my life-long love of the game. Since purchasing and using your two thumbs grip, I am once again a low single digit handicap and just shot a one under par round with only 26 putts, including two long sinks and NO three putts. Your two thumbs grip has been a gift from Heaven for me and has restored my love of the game. Thanks and keep up the good work. Sincerely,
S Gile - UK
I put the Pro Light Grip on my putter on Saturday night, played Sunday morning, birdied the first and second hole, due to get putts. I found with the grip setting your hands in correct position automatically, I was holding the putter with less tension in hands, and much more fluid pendulum stroke. It definitely takes a lot of thought out of putting allowing you to concentrate on line and speed. Great product and already a few friends ordering ones now
EC - Ireland
0-5 Handicap
These are brilliant grips and more people should try them. As the official clubfitter for the Ladies European Tour all I can say is that more and more players are now realising the true benefits of these grips.
G Fulton - UK
Offical Clubfitter, Ladies European Tour
I have struggled for a few months with putting both small putts and lagging putts to the hole, I decided to bite the bullet and try the Pro-light on my beloved scotty putter. On my first round i noticed a bit of a difference but then after some practice I realised that the stroke was so repeatable that all that was needed was focus on the alignment. I then went on to have a great round sinking 2 birdies and 11 pars! At the moment I am over the moon!
AP - England
13 handicap
"Hi Guys, I just like to leave some really positive feedback about the 2 thumb. I purchased two 2 thumbs from the NEC show and i installed one as soon as i got home, following the great instructions on the DVD. I found this very easy to do as the DVD makes it very clear and easy to follow. I then watched the tips on putting with the grip, and i went out early this morning to the putting green at my club. Following the tips and using the grip has already made such a difference to the consistency of my putting, and my ability to cut unnecessary putts out of my game, making sure those one or two putt opportunities don't turn into three or four putts disasters. I also want to leave some great feedback about the guys at the NEC show on friday running the stall. They were very delightful to talk to and new a lot about the product. They also gave me some great putting tips. I also felt that i was never under any pressure to buy the product which was a relief to find in that environment, they just let the product do the talking. All in all i just wanted to say that i am delighted with the product and the service received and i want to thank you for designing the product in the first place. Putting at the moment is the weakest part of my game ( not for long ) and is i believe the reason i am a high handicapper but, i cant wait to get out onto the course with the new grip and start burning up those greens!!!! I genuinely believe i am going to lower my handicap to below 10 now just due to the 2 thumb! THANK-YOU VERY MUCH!!!!! I would love to hear from you guys in the future if you have any new products or tools that you develop, if they are half as revolutionary as the 2 thumb, then they will be a delight to investigate."

Thanks again,
2Thumb Converter
"Thanks for prompt delivery. I checked your promises immediately and you are right: with this grip - the correct direction to the hole is really granted and even for the distance-problem it is of substantial help. I am really surprised."

Best regards
Wolf Scheel - Germany
"With only one hour of practise ( on the lawn ! ) I managed to win a local ladies ' fun' putting competition, so maybe I haven't got it all wrong - and congratulations to you. Best wishes and expectations "

A Richmond  - UK
"I have been on vacation a couple of days but on my return earlier this week the grips arrived in the mail! Thanks for that! I have put them on my putter and the feeling is very good. Of course it makes the putter a little bit heavier, but that promotes a smoother stroke. Yesterday I shot a 4 over in our evening club competition, holding a couple of long ones. I still need to get used to it a little bit, but I like the start. You do get some weird looks, but once they have tried it it doesn’t look so weird anymore. Hopefully I will be back with you for some more grips to order."

A van Ham - The Netherlands
"Just a quick email to say thank you for the 2 Thumb grip which you gave me at the London Golf Show. I’ve put it on a Yes putter and seems to working well so far. As I travel around the world and play golf this year I will show as many people as possible and introduce them to your amazingly simple new way of putting." Thanks again for your help.

Jamie Johnson - UK
Euro Pro Tour
"You recently posted me a 2 thumb grip and I just wanted to say a big 'thank you' for your prompt service. I have had the grip fitted (by an astonished pro) and I'm absolutely delighted with it. My putts have been much more on line and it has really helped my confidence on the green. Thanks too for the helpful putting tips that you also provided (particularly that one about keeping your knees still). I wish you all the best with developing your business and getting sales for the grip. l will certainly recommend you very highly."

M Dawson - UK
"I bought the 2 thumb grip at the London Golf show. I put the grip on my putter on Saturday evening and used it on Sunday. I have never rolled the ball so well and hit the sweet spot of the putter so often. I rolled the ball so consistently that every putt took the natural line on the green, sometimes taking borrows that I didn't even knew existed, even though I've putted on these greens for over 20 years!!! I'm confident that this will really help me reduce my putts per round from my current 34-35 down to 29-30 which will have a significant impact on my handicap."

Tim Dunn - UK
"Just wanted to let you know how extremely pleased I am with your 2 Thumb putter grip. I bought one off of you last week and fitted it to my putter on Thursday.

I am a one handicap golfer with poor putting statistics.

I had approx. ½ hour practice with the putter prior to playing in my Club Championship (Stock Brook Manor Golf Club) on Saturday morning. I have never putted as well as I did that morning and went round the course in the best score that I have ever done (I shot a 4 under par gross 68) and hold a 2 shot lead going into next Saturday’s 2nd and final round of the Club Championship.

All I can say is that your grip changed my putting statistics from 36-38 putts per round to 32 for that round, and am I sure it can only improve when I get fully used to the new grip technique.

On another note, I noted your putting tips on the sheet enclosed with the grip, and although they all make perfect sense, the tip that really stands out is the one that says that the putter head should be held still at the stroke finish and not recoil – implementing this makes you accelerate through the stroke and not “quit on it”."

Many thanks again. S Adkins - UK
"I installed the grip on a Ping Answer putter. Messed around with the putter on the rug and 2- 30 minute practice sessions on putting green. Using a grip with both thumbs side by side just above the white cross line, 3 fingers of right hand over and in between spacing of left hand, index fingers both down the sides. ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!! This is from age 63 golfer with a USGA competitive past who lost all putting expertise, if there ever was any, over 25 years ago, who has averaged 33-38 putts per round for years. 26 PUTTS YESTERDAY, 3 BIRDIES, AND 7 1 PUTT PAR SAVES, NO 3 PUTTS. Due to putting I gave up on competitive golf but now I feel like horning my game for more competition.
Ray - USA
"I thought I would drop you a line to let you know the reaction my new grip has received up here in Scotland. First reactions have nearly always been " look at the size of that grip--- can I have a go?" Most people then say " too awkward -I can't use it". I then give them a short demonstration of how the ball rolls truly and they want another go. I have had members actively seeking me out because they have heard about my grip. The thing which is giving extra credence to me using the grip is because I won our big open competition 2 weeks ago--only thing is I did not have the new grip fitted at that time. I received your grip on the Friday before the open and thought that it did not give me enough time to practice before the big competition. When I tell people that I changed grips after the open, they think I am mad. The thing is that analysed my winning score and I had taken 43 shots and 34 putts, off a handicap off 13. 34 putts is far too many so I made the switch to your new grip.

Since then I have shot a 69 and a 70 and my handicap is now down to 10.9 It is absolutely fantastic and I think it is going to be the next big thing in golf--I have passed your website details on to at least 10 people so far and I am certain you will get more orders.

The only problem I am having right now is with the long putts , over 30 feet. I am struggling to get them inside ~3 feet, although I am rolling the 3 footers straight in to the middle of the cup.

Anyway, just thought I would let you know how I was getting on with your new grip and hope that business takes off--I am certain it will and I look forward to telling people I had one long before anyone else."


Drew Boyd - Scotland
"My very good friend introduced me to your grip today - I've never seen or felt anything like it.

I am going to Q-School this year, and would like to get 5 of these grips on my various putters as quickly as possible. I won 13 tournaments last year, have won over 10 this year, and think I could win even more with grips like these on my putters."

Best regards

D Pichon - USA
"I received the two grips on Wednesday (very quickly!) and put them on easily."

Best regards

M van Welssenaers, - Belgium
"I fitted the 2 Thumb putter grip and yes, it does improve the putting stroke hence the score!"

Best regards

N de Chalain - France
"I do not know if your 2 Thumb has had any professional victories yet, but I was able to win a chapter event here in Michigan using your grip. I just wanted to let you know and thank you for your innovation."

Best regards

W Moore - USA
PGA Professional,