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Pure Strike Putter

PureStrike Putter

PureStrike Putter

PureStrike Putter

PureStrike Putter

PureStrike Putter

The Purestrike Putter is a revolutionary putter that is quite literally going to change the face of putting. Using only the finest materials and processes this putter has been milled with negative loft on the face.

An incredible "98% of people will improve their putting stroke using the Purestrike putter" Dr Paul Hurrion Putting Coach of Padraig Harrington and other leading tour players (* Qunitec Consultancy (Bio Mechanics Consultancy. Players include among others Padraig Harrington, David Howell, Colin Montgomery, Justin Rose, Vijay Singh.)
  • Getting a forward roll on the ball and a clean strike is key to great putting according to leading putting experts. Here's why its easier to get these two things using the Purestrike.
  • The slight loft and milling means the ball rolls immediately and does not skid.
  • 2 Thumb grip promotes square shoulders and a square strike. This works in harmony with the negative loft allowing potential for unparalleled accuracy.
  • The large sweet spot and centre shaft leave a large sweet spot reducing risk of off centre strikes.
  • Top weighting keeps the putter head low to the ground giving a guaranteed smooth putting stroke.
  • The white alignment line is optimum thickness for the human eye from that distance and is exactly located above the sweet spot (this is not the case with many putters).
All these factors have been scientifically proven and tested rigourously. You really will have a better chance of holing a lot more putts and getting a purestike on the ball with the Purestrike putter.

Available initially in right hand with free Purestrike Headcover.



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