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Philip H Gazeley - A Brief Biography

Ever stood in a greenhouse and it changed your life? It did with me!

Hi, my name is Philip Howard Gazeley and I am a professional putting coach, married to Anne since 1985, and live in the lovely village of Aspley Guise, Bedfordshire, England.

Now, about the greenhouse. In 1995, I was actually thinking of how I could consistently get my shoulders square to target in golf. It is easy when you look into glass - you can see your body nicely, or, of course, I would have had my friendly pro standing behind me - but neither seemed practical. That is when I designed my golfing product Get ON-LINE - a simple mirrored practice aid which allowed me to see my body line up for a consistent swing and putting stroke.

The European Tour, kindly allowed me to join the tournament players and demonstrate Get ON-LINE to them in this country and over Europe, but it was at this period that the players were not only interested in using Get ON-LINE for the long game, but more importantly for putting practice. Over 100 tour players used Get ON-LINE on a daily basis, and it was at that time I decided to concentrate solely on putting.

This led me to concentrate on developing a solution to most golfers' putting woes. The most significant fault has always been the inability to achieve natural stance and posture while putting with the hands not parallel on the grip. This made me consider the possibility of designing a grip which was broad enough for the thumbs to be side by side, allowing a more natural square to target line and balanced putting position. After two years of concentrated testing and design, the innovative 2 Thumb putter grip was born, and after its launch in 2005 went from strength to strength worldwide.

From 2005 to the present day the 2Thumb putter grip series has developed from the 2Thumb Original weighing 180 grams, through to the newly launched 2009 2Thumb Pro-Light at just 70 grams, giving a total range of nine models, four weight variants and seven colour choices. All models can be seen on

I am continuing to look for ways to improve putting stats from the tour player to the weekend golfer, and I will keep you updated …

Philip H Gazeley