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Putting Tips for the 2Thumb Putter Grip by Designer and Putting Coach Philip H Gazeley

  • Grip should control not dominate

  • Thumbs side by side and level, back of hands square to target

  • Fingers simply overlap each other around the back of the grip

  • Arms should hang down naturally, never bellow out elbows

  • Feet comfortably apart and parallel to target

  • Back of the ball should be middle of stance

  • Eyes directly over the ball

  • Sole of putter should sit flat on the ground – never toe up

  • Putter shaft should always be vertical at address to give better ball roll

  • Length of putt comes from the through stroke – not from the back stroke – ie quarter back, three quarters through gives acceleration

  • Look at the back of the ball during the stroke – not at the centre

  • Stroke through the ball rather than hitting it

  • Keep knees still during stroke

  • Putter head should be held still at end of stroke – don’t snatch or recoil


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