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It is the aim of our websites and to highlight what we consider is the most important part of the game of golf which is putting the ball in the hole - that's putting! Rarely do you see the driver or irons holing from the fairway. Whether it is putting advice and instruction or products that you are looking for - you can find it here. They who putt well win ..

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The 2Thumb putter grip series, including the exciting 2Thumb Rotate putter grip, and the innovative 2Thumb putting technique were successfully demonstrated at the NEC Golf Show on the dedicated putting green to golfers who were keen to improve their putting. Philip Gazeley, the 2Thumb putter grip designer and putting coach, spoke to many players who were already using the 2Thumb putter grip to great success and we look forward to meeting old and new customers throughout the coming season. THEY WHO PUTT WELL – WIN!!


Padraig Harrington and Pete Cowen, two of the most respected PGA members have chosen to use the 2Thumb putter grip to its maximum potential.

A recent BBC Sport News article reported that a two thumb grip is now being used on the driving range as a recommended swing club training aid. The particular model that Pete Cowen is referring to is our new 2Thumb Rotate which is being fitted with the 2Thumb logo either 90 degrees to the club face, or slightly strong or weak.

Extract taken from the BBC Sport News report:

"We've put a lot more stability on his right side on the backswing so he supports the club better, a simple movement which then needs constant repetition. Then he can make the right action on the through-swing. If you load the swing right, you unload it correctly.

"...I've given him a training aid for the range that does that while he's swinging. It's a two-thumb grip put on in a certain way on the shaft. He's now more comfortable with his long game and can concentrate more on his short game again" Pete Cowen, PGA Master Professional



2Thumb Grip Ltd are pleased to announce the launch of their new 2Thumb Rotate mid size putter grip.

Taking the well established design and size of the award winning and scientifically proven 2Thumb putter grips series, the new 2Thumb Rotate has been reduced in width and depth. The slimmer design features of the new Rotate now allows the grip to be fitted effectively on to the putter shaft in a choice of two ways:-
  • Either, with the broader side of the grip facing uppermost as in the standard two thumbs side by side principle. (See Image 1 - 2Thumb putter grip hold).
  • Or, Rotated 90 degrees to the putter face and facing the target line. This optional choice of fit on the putter shaft allows the grip to sit comfortably across the palms and lifelines in both hands, in the standard and widely recognised one thumb above the other style of putter grip hold. (See Image 2 - 2Thumb Rotate hold).
The 2Thumb Rotate is an exciting addition to the successful 2Thumb putter grip range now offering a choice of 2Thumb putter grips to suit all players with serious ambition to lower their scores.


Time to change your putter grip? Change to 2Thumb and improve your putting score !!

We are pleased to announce that you can now see a full live fitting demonstration of the 2Thumb putter grips on YouTube by clicking on to the link".


Putting Lessons available at The Bedford Golf Club, Great Denham, Bedford MK40 4FF, UK, ideally located for Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and North London, where Philip H Gazeley, Putting Coach and Designer of the 2Thumb putter grip will be able to help you solve your putting problems. !

We look forward to hearing from you - (

An Independent Study Comparing the Effects of a 2Thumb Putter Grip to a Standard Putter Grip With a Range of Putter Head Designs

The research described in this report was completed by sports technology researchers at the Sports Technology Institute, Loughborough University, England, UK.


The study described was concerned with the ability to set the ball rolling on its intended target line through manipulation of the body pre-, during and post-ball impact due to a 2Thumb putter grip (designed by Philip Gazeley in 2004) and a standard putter grip. The 2Thumb putter grip promotes a ā€˜side-by-sideā€™ grip where the left and right hands/thumbs are placed at the same height from the ground as a standard putter grip.


In this study, body position, putter head movement, golfer balance and ball dynamics were recorded during putts at 5ft, 10ft, 20ft and 30ft for twelve amateur golfers and putter head designs. Four different manufacturerā€™s putters were used; two of the blade category (one heel-shafted and one center shafted) and two from the mallet category (both heel shafted).


Overall, when comparing the 2Thumb putter grip to a standard putter grip the shoulders were more parallel to the target line, the shaft was more perpendicular upon strike, the ā€œtriangleā€ shape was held more firmly (from the shaft to shoulder line angle), wrist break was reduced, and putter lie was flatter. As a consequence ball hop, skid and first roll distance were reduced.
  • Participantsā€™ shoulders were more parallel to the target line when using the 2Thumb putter grip at address (34% improvement) and impact (37% improvement) respectively.
  • Participantsā€™ shoulders were also more parallel to the ground when using the 2Thumb putter at address (53% improvement) and impact (44% improvement) respectively.
  • Overall body rotation was reduced during the putter stroke; equating to 27.3° (2Thumb putter grip) and 28.9° (standard putter grip).
  • Shoulder to putter shaft angle was closer to 90° when using the 2Thumb putter grip at all points during the swing.
  • Wrist break was reduced when using the 2Thumb putter; an improvement of 43% at impact.
  • Putter toe height from the ground was lower when using the 2Thumb putter grip throughout the complete putting stroke.
  • Ball hop, skid and first roll distances were reduced when using a 2Thumb putter grip by 3.2mm, 11.5mm and 7.4mm respectively.


In conclusion, the 2Thumb putter grip may afford benefit to those golfers wishing to emulate the pendulum putting stroke advocated by Pelz (2004). The body is naturally manipulated to achieve what is understood to be an effective putting posture. It is reasonable to suggest that prolonged use may ultimately lead to improved putting stroke performance. For the full report please contact Philip Gazeley (